Value of Clean Paper

ISSA has released an analysis of data which strongly supports the position that cleaning is economically efficient and, thus, a relatively modest investment in improved cleaning produces substantial returns.  You must be an ISSA Paid Member to view this content.

You must be an ISSA Paid Member to view this contentMake it easier to understand and articulate the value proper cleaning can have to an organization’s bottom line in the areas of:

  1. Work ticket resolution costs
  2. Occupant wellness: absenteeism
  3. Occupant wellness: improved productivity
  4. Image enhancement: customer satisfaction
  5. Asset preservation
  6. Energy savings
  7. Reducing hospital associated infections (HAIs).

Then, calculate the true value of proper cleaning in six often overlooked areas using the ISSA Value of Clean Calculator 2.0, exclusively available to ISSA-member companies in U.S. and International versions.*

利鑫旗下 彩票平台代理this paper helps you better understand how to connect cleaning investments to metrics that facility executives care about most, and to help managers internally sell the importance of cleaning to upper level decision makers to secure necessary buy-in and funding.

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